At Galena Animal, we take pride in delivering personalized, compassionate care to our patients. Our team strives to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients and clients.

Our patients primarily consist of cats and dogs, but we also see rabbits, ferrets, birds and other exotic animals! Galena Animal offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in Galena and surrounding areas.

EXAM appointments are for those appointments that require full exams and either distemper or rabies shots.

EMERGENCY appointments are for immediate surgeries or potential problems that you would like to get checked out. PLEASE NOTE: If you believe your pet needs to be seen ASAP or are unsure if it can wait for the next available appointment, please call us at (410) 648-6970 and we will accommodate you.

TECHNICIAN appointments are for the following treatments: vaccinations (EXCLUDING DISTEMPER and RABIES shots), heartworm tests, and toenail trims.

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